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Hi, I’m Vijay. I love helping people with their computer problems. Are you frustrated by unsolved computer problems? Get your computer sorted today

IT Fixed is a Christchurch based computer repairs service provider passionate about helping people with their computer issues.

"Vijay was lovely to deal with. He helped me with an issue on my MacBook very quickly. Thank you."

Madeline Smith (Christchurch)

John Collins

"Vijay, upgraded our computer to Windows 10, boosted its capacity, came and picked up and dropped off, while other IT companies tried to sell us a new computer. Great service, highly recommend."

John Collins (Christchurch)

"Amazing service, friendly, fast and efficient. Goes above and beyond to get the right solution. Highly recommend."

Melanie Bainbridge (Christchurch)

Carmyn Barnes

"Such great service, especially for someone as challenged with technology as I am. Also so good to have it fixed over a weekend!"

Carmyn Barnes (Christchurch)

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