5 Tech Tips for Effective Remote Work [Coronavirus (COVID-19)]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Remote Work

The current Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic has showed us one thing, we need to always have counter-measures to any possible challenge that can arise. Lots of businesses are closing because it’s hard for them to stay open due to social distancing. Not only that, but it’s hard to connect with customers locally since they are not going outside.

Being prepared for something like this is not going to be easy, but with the right ideas and tools, we can make it work. And that’s where the need for remote work comes into play. With the right remote work system, you will be able to prepare for the pandemic and ensure that everything is done properly.

Once you establish a remote work system, you can continue working from home or any remote location. You don’t have to worry about social distancing since all the work can be performed online. It’s a great idea and it works extremely well. Here you can find some great tech tips you can use to improve on your remote work approach.

1. Fast internet connection

It’s hard to work remotely without fast internet. The Corona COVID 10 issue is continuing to close lots of businesses due to social distancing. If you have fast internet, you can work from home without a problem. We recommend you to use the Ethernet cable connection or move closer to the Wi-Fi router so you can have the fastest Internet available.

2. Video call with Zoom

Since you can’t connect with your team physically, then you have to rely on video conferencing tools. Zoom is one of the best tools right now because it has a lot of features, plus it can be used for a vast range of other things too. A lot of people use it for teaching, others just share video calls between business professionals and so on.

Video calling with Zoom is also very high quality, yet another reason why you want to give it a try for yourself. You should consider checking it out especially if you want to have a remote work system to suit your needs and requirements. It’s well worth giving it a try, especially if you are fully focused on getting the best remote work experience.

3. Computer with Quality speaker, webcam, and microphone

If you want others to hear you very well, then you need a high-quality microphone and speaker. The last thing you want is to deal with any interruptions, so try to consider that as much as you can. High-quality speakers can provide you with an amazing experience while videoconferencing.

You need a webcam because it’s the only way other people can see you. It’s crucial to have one, otherwise, you can see other people, yet they won’t see you at all. You should also make sure that you test the webcam before any online meeting. This makes it easier to ensure that everything works properly before you meet people online.

The other people can hear you with ease, and you can prevent situations where you have to send emails constantly or call every person. Get a video call solution like Zoom, invest in a good microphone and speaker, then you will be good to go.

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4. Touch screen with a digital pen

A whiteboard can be very helpful because it allows you to teach online, and you can also share opinions with your team. So even if you’re working remotely, you can still offer guidance and assistance. A touchscreen with a dedicated digital pen can bring your vision to life. You can draw anything you want, and team members will see that without a problem.

You can use free online whiteboard: Awwapp

5. High performing computer

A good computer is pretty much mandatory if you want to work remotely. A fast laptop with SSD and at least 8-16 GB of RAM will be recommended here. If it has a newer processor, then that will make it the workstation you really need at this time. Of course, you might need an even more powerful unit if you are doing video editing or anything complicated. It will certainly help since you just need a good and reliable computer that can assist you with the stuff you need to be done.

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Don’t hesitate and focus on remote work if you want to continue working and generating an income for you and your family. Yes, it can be a bit hard to transfer yourself to remote work, but it will soon become something familiar. Just make sure that you rely on the right tools, and you will be quite amazed with the experience every time. Give it a shot and you will appreciate just how easy it is to do your job remotely!

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