One Thing You Should Know Before You Buy A Laptop

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We live in a world, where we can barely do without our laptops. It could be that we need them for our assignments or jobs. Whatever the reason may be, having a good laptop is the dream of everyone.

Some people feel that what should matter when they buy a laptop is how stylish it looks to the eyes or the hue. To them, having a cute laptop on their laps or tables is one of the best things to happen to them.

Is colour the only thing that you should consider when you purchase a laptop? Should you also buy a laptop because a brand you love produced it?

What Many People Think When They Buy A Laptop 

For years, many people have come to us with their laptop because of one issue or the other. We had noticed that some of these issues that the laptop faced could have been avoided if they had considered some things before they bought the laptop.

There is a great chance this may be what you check when you want to buy a laptop.

1. The Size 

A lot of people are going for a more portable laptop. To them, the slimmer the laptop, the better it is. Some also consider only weight. If a laptop is light to them, it must be good. This is what some people feel.

2. The Color and Style 

It is common to hear people say that they bought the laptop because of its style and colour, whenever we ask people what they saw on a laptop before they purchased it. There is a great chance that you may be more inclined to buy a laptop that is in your favourite colour and style than to consider other important aspects.

3. The Brand

Most people feel they should be loyal to only one brand. To them, any other product produced by another brand is trash. This is not always the case. We have seen good brands create poor products out of factory error. Brand is important but there are more important things to consider.

4. Cost

We understand the need to consider cost when purchasing a new laptop, but it is important that you don't make it the only factor. Buying a cheap laptop without the necessary features may end up frustrating you, and reminding you of the case of Cent Wise, Dollar Foolish.

One Important Thing You Have To Consider: Repairability 

When you have decided to buy a laptop, the first thing that should come to your mind is how easily it can be repaired. You do not want a laptop that it would take a Herculean task to repair. Some laptops once they have issues, repairing them usually becomes difficult or more expensive than what they paid for the laptop.


How a laptop's repairability score is usually rated

When a laptop possesses the perfect score, it means that repairing it is quite affordable. The points are given to a device based on how easy it is to upgrade, its component modularity, as well as if non-proprietary tools can be used in repairing it. It is advisable to check the repairability view points before you purchase it. 

Whether a laptop is easy to repair or not is dependent on three major components. You should find out if those parts can easily be accessed once they have issues. If they can't easily be accessed, repairing them would not be easy.


When a laptop has power-related issues, there is a great chance that the fault might be from the battery. Replacing the battery may solve the fault. Find out how easy it is to access the battery.


This is where the data are stored. Sometimes, your laptop may have a lot of errors in hard drive. The OS (Operating System) could become corrupt and may need you to reinstall it. If your laptop becomes slower, you will have to take out your HDD and put SSD there. This is why your HDD should easily be accessed.


For someone who does multitasking on their laptop, you may have to upgrade your RAM. The type of RAM you use should be based on your usage. If it is for personal use, you can go for 8GB. If it is for business use, 16GB could do the trick.

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