5 Ways To Boost Your Computer Speed Without Going Crazy

Boost Computer Speed

If you never want to see a slow loading symbol on your Mac / Windows computer, then this is the article for you. 

It's tough to deal with situations when your computer is slow and it makes you feel frustrating, overwhelming and wast of time. This is why we created 5 effective ways and tricks you can use to make the computer fast!

At first, when you get a computer, it runs well. But the truth is that as time goes by, things are getting harder and harder to manage. Your computer is not as smooth as you want it to be it can take ages to load. That can also make it very frustrating because no one wants to wait a lot of time for an app or project to load.

We all want things to happen fast. And unfortunately, that won’t be the case when your computer is slow. 

On top of that, when the computer is slow, you can’t send emails to close deals, a student can't send an assignment on time and so on. It will take a lot of time to complete jobs on time, which is challenging.

You want to be more productive, and the truth is that making your computer faster can help you do so. Even many small businesses struggle due to slow loading computers because their meeting presentations are very slow, their online payments rarely work, and their online booking system takes ages to load.

The problem is you go to a computer technician, he/she will tell you 100 things to do to increase your computer speed. That’s making things even trickier because you want easy and simple steps to make things work the way you want.

It’s a challenge to do that through a slow computer, so here are some ideas to take into consideration. These 5 ideas will help you speed up your computer as soon as possible, and the results you get will be impressive

1. Upgrade to SSD

The SSD upgrade is by far one of the best ways to speed up your computer. If your computer has a hard drive, then will definitely face slow computer loading. You have to upgrade SSD that will pretty much boost your computer performance.

It doesn’t matter how old your computer is, as long as you add in an SSD, everything will load up faster.

​​Your Windows session will start in 20 seconds or so, files open up fast and even games will load a lot faster. It’s safe to say that integrating an SSD into your computer helps with the user experience.

You can use SSDs on a laptop too, and these will help bring in old tech to life if you use them right. So yes, this is by far one of the best things you can upgrade on your computer.

2. Add more RAM to your computer

Your computer relies on Random Access Memory to open up applications and store content
. If you have a low amount of RAM, the computer will rarely have any memory to run the operating system and let alone applications. As a result, the applications will run very slow, and you can rarely access their functions.

With the proper RAM upgrade, you can make a huge difference. Every app can load faster due to the addition of more RAM and everything will be working without worries.

It goes to show what the proper upgrade can do to your computer, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. For home users who do light duty 8GB for RAM is enough and For business who does heavy-duty 16 GB of RAM is enough. 

3. Uninstall unnecessary software

Having too many installed apps ends up taking valuable system resources. Each unused app will consume valuable system resources that you could use for apps which matter.

Not only you end up with a low amount of RAM available due to random apps running in the background, but you might not have enough disk space due to that either.

The best thing you can do here is to go to the Control Panel and remove all the apps that you rarely use. Not only will you speed up your computer, but it also gives you more control over what’s installed and what you need.

Plus, many apps can have spyware, so it makes sense to stay away from installing random apps without knowing their source. You can also use the IObit uninstaller to remove everything at once.

4. Disable unnecessary programs at startup

The fewer things startup, the better. That’s why you want to avoid having too many apps in the taskbar because it helps speed up your productivity and workflow. The problem when you have many apps starting with your Windows is that they end up consuming more system resources in the background.

And the more they are, they consume more resources. The truth is you won’t need your apps to start with Windows, so you need to right-click on the taskbar, go to the Task Manager and then Startup.

There you can disable the apps that you don’t want to start right away. Remove anything that you rarely or rarely use, you can still keep the apps installed.

 5. Use the Right Antivirus software

Viruses end up slowing down your computer, especially if they infected lots of files. The problem is that these things happen fast without the right antivirus software. 

This is why we always recommend you to use antivirus software as soon as you complete the Windows / Mac installation. If you don’t have an antivirus already installed, then you need one.

It will help you remove all virus and malware instances. This way the malware won’t damage your apps, steal your data or do any bad things like that.
The best antivirus software improves computer performance quite a lot and that’s all thanks to not allocating resources to infected files.

There are so many antivirus solutions out there that can be very hard to pick the right one. You have to check reviews online, and you also want to use the free version of the antivirus to see what works for you.

Don’t rush when you choose an antivirus, instead, pick one that suits your needs. 

There are suitable solutions for business consumers, while others are targeting regular users. So, it’s up to you to find what you like the most and go from there.


These five tips helped thousands of business owners, private individuals and students speed up their computers throughout New Zealand, and they can do the same for you. It’s very important to solve those issues when your computer is slow. Not only does it make you unhappy, but you end up not being as productive. And on top of that, you end up disliking the experience of working in front of a computer. Use all these tips above, and you will have no problem improving your computer speed and finally, you have the best five tips to boost your computer.

If you need help with boosting up your computers, check out IT Fixed today and we will help you speed up your computer fast and easy!

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So with that, I can’t wait to see your fast-performing computer.

Because there are many computers waiting to be boosted, it can be hard to get that kind of results.

Hopefully, that changes as a result of this post!

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