Two Best Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster

Make Your Computer Run Faster

With the coming of the internet and fast-paced computers, a lot of people have computers in their homes. There is a great chance that you have a computer too.

One thing that a lot of people face with their computers is how slow they are.

Do you belong to those that possess a computer that runs slowly? If you do, don't be worried, as there are smart ways of improving the speed of the computer.

There is hardly any human being that loves a slow computer. It can frustrate you into dumping the computer into the trash can.

As a result of the world we live in, a lot of us can't do without a fast computer, especially since we do a lot of activities with them.

We have realized that a slow computer not only frustrates you, but it also makes your job a lot harder. For someone that uses the internet on their computer, browsing becomes a pain to you.

What if you are into graphic design, a slow computer can ruin the process. What if you are a freelance writer, writing with a slow computer can be annoying?

A reason a lot of us want to use fast computers is to have the job done quickly. It is no news that someone that has a slow computer would spend long hours doing things that should have been done in minutes.

Time can be translated to money, for a lot of us, and a slow computer reduces how much we can make daily. If you want to make your business process efficient, you should consider making your computer a lot efficient.

What do you do when you notice that your computer is becoming a lot slower? There is a great chance that you may rush to meet an IT expert. There is nothing wrong with meeting a technician, but one thing that we notice about these experts, they dole out hundreds of complicated solutions that you may end up not understanding.

IT technicians tend to derive joy in confusing those that do not have the technical knowledge, especially when they bring their devices to them.

Sometimes, a lot of the solutions they give have you spending a lot of money, which people shy away from.

We understand this, and that is why we have decided to share two awesome ways that you could easily fasten the speed of your computer.

The solutions that we have tabled are easy to do and quite affordable. You could get your computer working in no time, without your pocket losing its weight.

Who said that technical issues have to take a lot of time, effort and money to be fixed? With us, we have you covered.

When your laptop is running slow, there is a great chance that it possesses HHD and not SSD.

Possible Solutions To Try Out 

1. Replace HHD with SDD

What is HHD? 

The Hybrid Hard Drive is that part where both the operating system and data are kept in. The operating system is usually MAC -OS / Windows OS.

When your laptop has HHD, it becomes slower, compared to a laptop that possesses an SSD.

Let's say that you want to recover a file from the computer, a computer with HHD will take a longer time to open the file.

What To Do To A Slow Computer With HHD?

The wise thing to do with a laptop that has HHD is to replace it with an SSD. The SSD or Solid-state Drive allows your computer to operate quickly.

It is advisable that you clone whatever data you had on your HHD to your SSD before you think of replacing it to ensure your data are protected.

2. Try Going For A Better RAM 

Apart from changing from HHD to SSD, you can also consider upgrading the RAM when you have a slow computer.

If you use your computer lightly, especially when it is for solely personal use, you can consider going for an 8 GB RAM instead.

If, on the other hand, your computer is used a lot for heavy-duty activities, you should consider going for 16 GB RAM.

No matter how old your laptop is, if you stick to these solutions, you will be amazed at how fast it becomes.

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