How to get rid of a virus on a Windows computer?

Windows computer virus removal

If you own a Windows PC, then you understand how challenging it can be to remove viruses from it.

More often than not, viruses will start attacking your computer and they can easily access important data while rendering it inaccessible for you.

That’s why you need to pay a lot of attention and fully focus on how to identify a virus and how you can remove it.

How can you identify a virus on your Windows computer? 

One of the key things to keep in mind before Windows virus removal is what kind of virus infection you are dealing with.

Normally signs would be things like a slow-running computer, pop up messages that appear randomly, unknown programs launching by themselves or the fact that your hard drive is working all the time.

Simple Windows virus removal trick

  • Enter Safe Mode by pressing Shift and then restart the computer. Then you choose Troubleshoot/Advanced Options/ Startup Settings/Restart. 
  • Once you are in Safe Mode, you will be able to use the Disk Cleanup Tool from the Start Menu.
  • Open the tool, choose to delete Temporary Files and then restart to see if the same issues appear. 

This type of virus removal is quite easy and you will be able to complete it without a problem. This is a good way to complete virus removal without relying on external software.

Of course, this will not work that great if the virus attack is a more complicated one.

Nevertheless, it can be a starting point and you should try this before you start using a more drastic solution.

Use third party software 

When you are unable to complete the Windows virus removal process from the Operating System, then you have to rely on third parties.

However, finding the right tools you can use here can be a bit tricky. A good idea here is to try and use a real time scanner and an on-demand operating system scanner if the first one fails.

There are a plethora of real time scanners from companies like AVG, AVIRA, AVAST, and many others.


Thankfully, most of these also have a free version, so you can easily download that version and see which one find the virus and removes it.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a good on-demand OS scanner, but the solutions above also have on-demand scanning too, so you can test them out first.

Hire a professional for Windows virus removal 

The main issue with virus removal is that sometimes no matter how hard you try, it feels impossible to remove it. But with the right approach, it will be well worth it.

Which is why hiring the best virus removal Christchurch expert can really make all the difference. The most important aspect is finding a professional team with a lot of experience and has the right tools. 

Once all of that is good and ready to go, things will be very smooth. Take that into consideration and you will not have to worry about any issues!


While you can try to perform Windows virus removal yourself, it can be very hard to do that on your own if you are dealing with a severe attack.

A team of experts will help you immensely and they will bring in front the results and value you want in no time.

All you have to do is to make the right pick and you will be heavily impressed with the results. Nothing is impossible, even viruses can be removed, it all comes down to having the right people for the job.

Try these tips listed above, and if you still can’t do it, our IT Fixed virus removal Christchurch will be here to help! 

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