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Hard Drive Data Recovery Made Easy

Hard Drive failure and no backup? We can help you recover your data.

Lost years of worth pf pictures? We can help you in getting back your memories.

Mac or PC crashed? Don’t panic. Call our emergency support.

Fast, Affordable, and Hassle-free

Whether we like it or not, we all have to admit that we lost data from our computer or digital storage.

From emails, contacts, photos, music or business files, all of these files are very sensitive and you want to store them adequately on your computer.

But if you misclick or just touch the wrong button, all of this can go away. Which is why the IT Fixed - Data Recovery Christchurch service can be a very helpful solution. What makes us different is we can recover all your lost data and bring you to smile.

Don’t panic

Even if you deleted data accidentally for some reason or your data is corrupted, don’t worry. The last thing you want is to stress out and start browsing the computer or installing all kinds of tools.

The rule of thumb in a situation like this is to avoid any panic. Your focus has to be on contacting IT Fixed Data Recovery Christchurch professionals that will be able to help you.

These recovery services have a higher chance of success if you just leave the computer as it is once the file was deleted.

Any extra activity on the disk can significantly add to the complexity of the data recovery process. It helps a lot, and it will bring in front of really impressive results.

The best part about Data Recovery services from IT Fixed in Christchurch is the fact that we can recover data for both residential and commercial customers. This way you can rest assured all your lost data will be recovered and kept safe.

Don’t Waste Enormous Amount Of Money On Data Recovery

Can you recover any type of data?

Yes, our Data Recovery Christchurch service can help recover a variety of data types. However, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that sometimes your data can’t be recovered no matter how much we try. We use all the latest recovery tools and solutions to ensure that you can get access to your data as quickly as possible.

You can rely on us to do our best as we regain control over your data. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to assist.

How does the service work?

All you have to do is to let us know when you have any data loss problems. Contact us as fast as possible, because the quicker you do, the higher the data recovery chances. Once you get in touch, you can come to us, depending on the phone agreement. We always strive to help customers as quickly as possible; this means you will have access to the best data recovery services no matter the situation.

You can let us know what data you lost, the file types we need to focus on and everything important.

Then we will perform an assessment and see what can be recovered from the hard drive. We are always focused on preserving the hard drive information and in many cases, we encourage customers to create a backup.

You never know when things can get even worse, so having solutions that help solve this problem can be extremely helpful and convenient.

What kind of Data Recovery service do you provide?

We are covering a vast range of data recovery problems based on customer requirements. We can help with issues like:

  • The hard drive turns on but there are no files 
  • You deleted files accidentally
  • Complete laptop hard drive recovery
  • Files can’t be accessed on the hard drive
  • The filesystem is corrupted
  • Log files are either corrupted or deleted
  • You accidentally reformatted the RAID system
  • The hard drive has surface damage or mechanical failures
  • Your hard drive is making all sorts of clicking sounds

When something like this happens, it’s imperative to try and solve the problem as quickly as you can. Addressing this issue fast can make a massive difference, and the Data Recovery Christchurch can help you with that. We can make it easy to recover any type of file, all while dealing with any type of hard drive issues as you can see above.

You always need to prevent any possible damage to increase the recovery chances. We are ready to assist, and we guarantee that you will have access to the best features and solutions on the market. 

What type of devices can you recover data from?

We are specialized in offering Data Recovery service in Christchurch for any type of device. We can recover data from, hard drive, SSD drive, SD cards, laptops, MacBook, PC, even RAID Arrays.

We use only the best and most dependable data recovery solutions to ensure that you always have access to the best results and value. We make it easy for you to get your data back, and we will work very hard to help you regain control over your data, even if it might become a Herculean task.

Urgent recovery

When you lose important business or personal data, you need to regain control over it as fast as you can. That’s why we are here to help. We created this Data Recovery Christchurch service with the idea of helping you recover everything very fast. Our prices are also affordable, and we solve problems very quickly.

How much time does it take to recover your data?

Recovering your data can take some time, depending on the complexity of the issues and size of your hard drive. It also depends if you used the computer father after you lost the data. If you did, then something like that will add to the complexity of the recovery process. With our help and support, you will be able to access all the results you expect, and we always strive to make the process as short as possible.

We Made Our Recovery Process Easy for You

1. Evaluation

We will check what’s wrong with your hard drive and provide you cost and time required to get you back up and running.

2. Expert Recovery 

With your approval, IT Fixed data recovery experts will go to work repairing your hard drive and recovering any files in a timely and affordable.

Why choose us? Losing Your Data Is Not An Option

  • Great pricing 
  • High-quality services
  • We cover a variety of devices
  • Seamless recovery process
  • Any type of data loss
  • Great success rate


The Data Recovery Christchurch service is here to assist you in getting back any type of data you had on your drive. It’s very challenging to deal with a data loss situation since it brings a lot of stress and anxiety.

Our service helps you deal with that, and we always bring in front only the best and most dependable tools and technicians to help solve these issues. If you get in touch with us today, you will have access to some of the best and most reliable services in this field.

Give us a try and use the IT Fixed Data Recovery service in Christchurch right away, you will be incredibly impressed with the results!

Customer Review - Emma Hunter

IT Fixed Data Recovery

When my external hard-drive stopped working I was in a bit of a panic but a quick call to Vijay at IT Fixed and I had it dropped off for a recovery scan 10 minutes later. Vijay kept in touch how the scan was going throughout the process and manged to recover all my important data. Very impressed by the swift and professional service provided. Thank you Vijay.

Customer Review

- Shannon

IT Fixed Data Recovery

Vijay recovered all of my data when my hard drive failed catastrophically. Would recommend highly.